We are a Top Notch Body Sculpting and Body Toning Training Center located in Brodheadsville, PA. We offer reasonable prices for members and non-members and we welcome everyone. But be prepared to work that fat off.

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Body Shop Training Center
120 Shafer Drive
Brodheadsville, PA 18322

Gym 5am-10pm
Nursery 9am-12pm & 4pm-8pm
Gym 5am-8pm
Nursery 9am-12pm & 4pm-8pm
Gym 7am-5pm
Nursery 8:30am-12:30pm
Gym 7am-4pm
Nursery 9am-12pm.


The Body Shop Training Center is located within ¼ mile from Kinsley’s Shop Rite and Pleasant Valley High School in Brodheadsville, Pa. The 10,000 square foot facility sits on a one acre lot with a fully equipped fitness center.

The property houses a free weights room with an assortment of dumbbells up to and including 150lb, barbells, and benches; a cardio room with treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and bikes; an aerobics room with padded hardwood flooring where all instructor lead fitness classes are conducted using mats, bands, balls, ropes, cycling bikes and more dumbbells. The front room includes an array of circuit and plate loaded machines. The Body Shop is the only facility in the area to headline Life Fitness Hammer Strength pieces, prominently situated with the dedicated athlete in mind.

Our nursery provides the safety and cleanliness a parent or caretaker would require when visiting the facility. Of course, the children are always supervised by a well trained, experienced and qualified CPR certified child care specialist at all times.

We offer tanning for those members who enjoy the added amenity of a regularly sanitized bed or a stand up booth available on site. Both the women’s and men’s bathrooms have showers, a changing area and lockers.

The Body Shop Training Center is staffed with a friendly front desk, well sought after certified athletic personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Their priority is the health and wellness of the member, first and foremost. We aspire to deliver unprecedented service, progressive fitness programs, and motivational trainers that execute innovative techniques for truly transformative results.

The owners, Clary Fernandez and Ryan Vanderah are local residents that operate the business, manage the property, train clients and understand how the commitment to customer service and member satisfaction is critical. Their presence, professionalism and energy embody what the training center is all about.

We ask for patience and positive energy, as we expand and renovate to best accommodate our members!

Ryan Vanderah

Owner, Trainer

Clary Fernandez

Owner, Trainer

Competitive Membership Prices

We offer competitive membership prices starting as low as $30/month

Certified P.T.’s

All our athletic trainers are certified and will push your body to the  next level.

Bring your kids!

We have a child care specialist that will supervise your children while you are on the property.

We Care About You!!!

We cater to the area athletes by providing the popular plate loaded Hammer Strength machines by Life Fitness.

Our Personal Trainers

Our personal training staff is an elite group of professionals with multiple degrees and certifications from nationally recognized organizations and accredited schools.  They will work with a client on fat loss, sports specific, event training, body building.  Fit, passionate and always on top of the cutting edge of fitness and wellness our trainers will get you the results you seek.  They live and believe their vocation.You have a wedding or reunion and want to fit in that dress effortlessly? We have a trainer for that.  Want to do a body building competition?  We have a trainer for that.  You are a model and want to be photo shoot ready in just a few short weeks?  Yes, we have a trainer for that.   Our trainers are fit, passionate and always on top of the cutting edge of fitness and wellness.  They live and believe their vocation.  Trust us to get you to where you want to be.

The Body Shop Membership Options/Pricing:
** no Enrollment Fee! **

- 12 Month Membership: $30/month for 12 consecutive months. $20 for each additional family member under the age of 21 years old.

- 3 Month Membership: $100 in advance for 3 month consecutive period.

- 1 Month Membership: $40 for a 30 day period.

- Senior Citizen Membership: $20/Month for 12 consecutive months.

- Student: $20/Month.

Tanning Packages:
- $5 per session OR
- $20 unlimited/month

-$5/ individual visit OR
- $20 unlimited/month

- $5/ class for non-members
- $10/ Zumba class for non-members

CARDIO XPRESS: One half hour to realize your aerobic potential. Do it!

SILVERSNEAKERS® CLASSES: Geared toward anyone looking for a gentler version of their favorite classes. Open to all members of The Body Shop!

TOTAL FIT: A head-to-toe workout combining cardio and toning…boot camp-style. Plan on sweating.

YOGA: For a quick dose of calm, try one of these Hatha-based classes. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, flexibility is just a wonderful side effect!

ZUMBA: Music is the key ingredient here! Zumba classes combine Latin and international music with dance to make exercise fun.

And much more!