Membership Options and Pricing

  • Senior Citizen Membership
    $30 monthly
    12 month contract and valid credit card on file. *Must have credit card on file*
  • Student Membership
    $30 monthly
    With year contract and valid credit card. *Must have a credit card on file.*
  • 1 Month Basic Membership
    $60 monthly
    No contract
  • Senior Citizen One Month
    $35 monthly
    No contract
  • Student 1 Month
    $35 monthly
    No contract.

Activation Fee $70.00– Applies to all NEW and Inactive members (inactive for more than 6 months or early termination of contract).

Yearly Contracts – $70 activation fee per member. If contract is canceled before year or inactive for more than 6 months, activation fee will apply if member decides to resign.  Contracts that are canceled before end date are subject to $50 cancelation fee.

Monthly Membership – $70 activation fee.  $70 activation will apply for new members or if membership has been inactive for more than 6 months.

Other Pricing Options

Gym Passes

Day Pass $15

Kids Wait Room

N/A for now


N/A for now

Tanning Packages

$10/ individual visit
$30 unlimited/month