The Body Shop Training Center is partnered to provide complementary memberships to members of the nationally recognized SilverSneakers program. Through this collaboration, The Body Shop offers older adults a way to increase their levels of physical activity while motivating them to remain active. SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading community fitness program designed exclusively for older adults.

SilverSneakers helps older adults take greater control of their health through a variety of fitness offerings that engages participants in more frequent strength training, aerobics, and flexibility exercise by providing access to a variety of venues and programming designed specifically for older adults. There are more than 14.5 million people eligible for SilverSneakers benefit through the nation’s leading Medicare Advantage health plans, Medicare Supplement carries and group retiree plans. For those members, the benefit offered at no additional cost.

Please call or visit The Body Shop to check eligibility and to learn more about our SilverSneakers offerings.

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